• We provide Hill’s Science Diet sensitive stomach dry food at no additional cost while boarding. Any canned food or prescription diet offered will be an additional charge.
  • In the event food provided runs out, how should the kennel staff proceed? Does your pet have any known

  • Please inform us of any medications or supplements brought and instructions for administrating in the spaces
  • Please be advised that there is an additional charge for food that requires cooking or reheating in addition to feeding more than three times daily. Additionally, administering 3 or more medications a day is subject to an additional fee. Dogs sharing a run may also be subject to an additional charge by night if we must separate due to aggression or having to monitor while eating.
  • Pets may become ill while boarding, in addition, but not limited to exposure to communicable diseases. We will make every effort to contact you should your pet become ill or injured while boarding, however you are responsible for any charges incurred while treating your pet and agree to hold the staff of Animal Medical West harmless from expenses incurred. Please sign below acknowledging that you are familiar with these boarding policies, accepting all risks and responsibility for any costs incurred while your pet is under the care of Animal Medical West: